Horse Racing’s Top 50 Tweeters

Over the last couple of years Horse Racing has really been revitalised through the medium of Twitter, which has allowed users to interact with fellow horse enthusiasts, and share their views on whatever issues they wish to discuss.

The great thing about Twitter is you can discuss things with almost all walks of life, how else would you get to discuss the handicapping merits of a low-grade handicapper with the likes of Attheraces Hugh Taylor? How else would you enquire about the wellbeing of a Rod Millman trained horse with his son, and jockey James Millman, if you aren’t directly involved in racing?

Twitter provides the platform that bridges the gap, to the level which message boards and Facebook tried before, but far excels in the line of communication despite its restricted to 140 characters per message.

It has also been the scene of new partnerships formed, most notably with the faces behind the racing club The Twitterati, made up of Twitter racing enthusiasts and currently have a three-year-old colt called Trending in training with Jeremy Gask.

There is also The People’s Horse partnership run by The Millmans with their filly Tweet Lady. It is proclaimed on their website that is the largest free racing club in the UK, and it has all been built through the medium of Twitter.

After the Racing Post put together a piece on ‘Racings Top Tweeters’ I have to say I was disappointed in the way it was pieced together. The whole idea of being a top tweeter isn’t down to the amount of followers you have, it is about the content you provide to your audience. Obviously the likes of Michael Owen, a worldwide renown footballer for both club and country is going to top the charts given his huge fan base, but what exactly does he bring to the table in terms of racing debate on Twitter?

Whilst I realise it was probably all a bit of fun from the Racing Post’s perspective, I feel they’ve overlooked the true people behind the Twitter movement, in view of going with the ‘names’ amongst racings elite. I voiced my opinion on the list at the time and I wasn’t alone in my thinking, so with the help of Twitter regular @Sir_Back2Lay, I decided to construct a list of ‘Racings Top 50 Tweeters’. This list will consist solely of those people who bring something worthwhile to the table, people actually worth following for racing debate, and simply not just a case of who they are.

So without further ado I present to you a list of the ‘Top 50 Horse Racing Tweeters’ that are worth following, which come in alphabetical order as I feel nobody deserves to be ‘no1’ as each user brings something unique to the masses.

Name Twitter Handle Tweets Followers
Alison Cole @PaddockPick 8,989 1,032
Andy Richmond @Bickley14 15,693 1,696
Ben Aitken @Narrowthefield 20,648 3,427
Ben Haslam @BenHaslamRacing 256 1,395
Bill Esdaile @BillEsdaile 2,977 1,703
Bloodstock Al @bloodstock_al 7,179 1,776
Calum Madell @calummadell 15,094 915
Chris Cook @claimsfive 3,868 3,584
Cyrus Dailami @CyrusDailami 3,879 748
Dan Collins @dcollins2808 28,360 803
David Haddrell @DavidHaddrell 4,556 679
David Johnson @davidjohnson82 7,906 2,597
David Marnane @Marnane1 268 1,627
David Massey @chutneydave 18,097 1,393
Dubai Racing Club @drc_meydan 3,683 2,369
Ed Dunlop @EdDunlopRacing 1,326 10.038
Fred Eccles @FredEccles 13,884 1,177
Ian @wayward_lad 5,849 1,102
James Knight @jamesaknight 16,945 4,044
James Millman @jrmillman 16,444 5,374
Jonathan Babb @Baronbabb 3,923 946
Josh Fletcher @joshfletch 1,088 362
Luke Morris @Luke_Morris88 698 5,028
Marco Makaveli @Sir_Back2Lay 43,733 3,200
Mark Milligan @markmill_gg77 4,036 551
Mark Usher @MarkUsherRacing 956 1,915
Martyn Elvin @fibresand 14,064 1,189
Mick Channon @Mick_Channon_TV 430 9,048
Mike Bailey @slipperytoad 2,764 518
Mike Spence @mikespence8 3,633 1,348
Online Horse Racing @OHRacing 6,202 1,437
Paddy Power Racing @pphorseracing 18,643 6,870
Pat Cummings @DubaiRaceNight 2,240 1,156
Paul Jones @sportspunter01 5,335 3,391
Paul Ostermeyer @orsracing 11,515 1,150
Peter Chapple-Hyam @ChappleHyam 357 5,177
Phil Derbyshire @mo_licker 15,063 641
Proform Racing @proform_racing 1,791 1,939
Racing Post @Racing_Post 18,963 38,101
Ralph Beckett @RalphBeckett 620 4,385
Ricky Santini @RickySantini 2,206 549
Robert Cowell @cowellracing 1,802 2,502
Roger Charlton @RogerCharlton 1,509 8,738
Rory Delargy @helynsar 4,901 1,454
Ross Brierley @RossBrierley 5,215 1,041
Sam Turner @STurnerTipster 6,768 4,050
Scott Ferguson @borisranting 15,038 2,806
Steve Mullington @mulldog 33,869 1,834
Th£ Proph£t @theprophetbets 5,986 838
William Hill Radio @WmHillRadio 11,827 3,948


@RogerCharlton – Roger is not only one of my favourite trainers on twitter but also on the flat in general. He recently proved this by producing Cityscape in red hot form to demolish the field in the Dubai Duty Free over in Meydan. In general Roger is highly informative on twitter, responsive to the general racing fan and posts excellent links to his personal blog. I am very much looking forward to seeing how Top Offer gets on this season, main early target being the 2000 Guineas.

@jrmillman – James is one of the most active jockeys on twitter and is very informative about his stable runners. He has always been friendly when I have tweeted him and he is often seen converging with other twitter racing regulars.

@proform_racing – Proform is really worth following due to his interesting blog posts and useful stat analysis covering all forms of horse racing. He runs the software Proform which provides an endless amount of stats, trends and ratings for any horse racing enthusiast.

@Bickley14 – Andy has extensive knowledge of the horse racing game both over the jumps and on the flat. When he is not on twitter you can catch him on Racing Uk providing expert racing analysis. Andy also loves his NFL so tweeting about sports is what he is all about….

@narrowthefield – Now Ben is a man worth following on twitter if you have any sort of interest in the National Hunt game, he will discuss pedigree and breeding till the cows come home. A nice guy to boot, he is one of the first people I followed on Twitter that provided quality over quantity.


@jrmillman – One of the first people I followed when I joined Twitter. James was always happy to respond to any questions I threw at him regarding his father’s string. He is a hardworking soul in a constant battle with the scales, and for him to take the time out at the end of a long hard day to answer my questions went a long way. I have never seen him lose his head in a Twitter debate, and is the consummate professional. I wish more jockeys were like James, but the majority seem to feel they are above conversing with the lifeblood of the sport.

@davidhaddrell – David is a mate of mine, and I always look to see what he puts up on Twitter. He has been involved in various Twitter debates across a range of subjects (even goading William Hill at one point), but his views are well worth taking into account. Add to the fact he is a speed figure obsessive and a thoroughly helpful/knowledgeable chap to boot he really is a must follow. Just don’t ask him for any fashion advice!

@KPMcEvoy – Like James, Kerrin McEvoy always takes time to answer any questions the racing public throw at him. He has been nothing other than a gentlemen towards any questions I have fired his way, and always answers them in the most helpful/honest manner that he can. He is also one of the most talented horsemen I have ever seen and although he returned home to Australia to ride for Darley back in 2008, he is still sorely missed on these shores.

@orsracing – Paul Ostermeyer is a racing fan and reporter that travels up and down the length of the country providing news from the heart of the action. His tweets about the wellbeing of horses as they manoeuvre around the parade ring are an excellent tool to have in your armoury, and he tells you what you need to know from the horse’s mouth. I haven’t had much correspondence with Paul over Twitter, but he comes across as a thoroughly nice chap, and is definitely worth a follow.

@pphorseracing – The media team behind betting giant Paddy Power are by far the best of any bookmaker operating an account in Twittersphere. They bring forth up to date news, latest results and all the latest in weird and wacky betting markets. They also get involved in conversation with us mere mortals, and it is quite refreshing to see a bookmaker operating this way considering all the bad press betting firms get generally. They run competitions from time to time, and will get involved in answering any questions (within reason) you may have, and are certainly worth following.

Please note this has only been done as a bit of fun and as a reference point to any future visitors of the OHRacing website, who wish to converse with some of the most knowledgeable brains on Twitter. Whilst we make every attempt to include everyone in our ‘top 50’ some obviously have been missed be it through error, or us not coming across them as yet so please don’t be offended if you are not on the list above.

We would also appreciate everyone on this list to RT out Twitter post, to help get some new visitors into the OHRacing blog and website in general.

So from myself (@OHRacing) and Marco (@Sir_Back2Lay) thanks for taking the time to read through our thoughts and if you have any comments to make on the above article either leave us a message in the comment box below, or catch us on Twitter with the hash tag (#OHRacing).

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